The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Psalms
Psalm 39
(To the choir-master. Of David. A psalm.)
Patiently I waited for the Lord’s help, and at last he turned his look towards me;
he listened to my plea, drew me up out of a deadly pit, where the mire had settled deep, and gave me a foothold on the rock, with firm ground to tread.
He has framed a new music on my lips, a song of praise to our God, to fill all that stand by with reverence, and with trust in the Lord.
Happy is the man whose trust is there bestowed, who shuns the rites of strange gods, the lure of lies.
O Lord my God, how long is the story of thy marvellous deeds! Was ever care like thine? How should I tell the tale of those mercies, past all numbering?
No sacrifice, no offering was thy demand; enough that thou hast given me an ear ready to listen. Thou hast not found any pleasure in burnt-sacrifices, in sacrifices for sin.
See then, I said, I am coming to fulfil what is written of me, where the book lies unrolled;
to do thy will, O my God, is all my desire, to carry out that law of thine which is written in my heart.
And I told the story of thy just dealings before a great throng; be witness, Lord, that I do not seal my lips.
Thy just dealings are no secret hidden away in my heart; I boast of thy faithful protection, proclaim that mercy, that faithfulness of thine for all to hear it.

Lord, do not withhold thy pity from me; let thy mercy and faithfulness be now, as ever, my shield.
I am beset with evils past numbering, overtaken by my sins; they fill my prospect, countless as the hairs on my head; my courage fails me.
Deign, Lord, to set me free; Lord, give heed and help.
Disappointment and shame be theirs, who lay plots against my life; may they slink away covered with confusion, who now rejoice over my downfall.
Joy, joy! is their cry; dumb-stricken let them stand, their hopes belied.
Rejoicing and triumph for all the souls that look to thee; Praise to the Lord, will ever be their song, who now long for thy aid.
I, so helpless, so destitute, and the Lord is concerned for me! Thou art my champion and my refuge; do not linger, my God, do not linger on the way.