The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Psalms
Psalm 4
(To the choir-master. On stringed instruments. A psalm. Of David. )
When I call on thy name, listen to me, O God, and grant redress; still, in time of trouble, thou hast brought me relief; have pity on me now, and hear my prayer.
Great ones of the world, will your hearts always be hardened, will you never cease setting your heart on shadows, following a lie?
To the souls he loves, be sure the Lord shews wondrous favour; whenever I call on his name, the Lord will hear me.
Tremble, and sin no more; take thought, as you lie awake, in the silence of your hearts.
Offer sacrifices with due observance, and put your trust in the Lord. There are many that cry out for a sight of better times;
do thou, then, Lord, shew us the sunshine of thy favour.
Never did rich harvests of corn and wine bring gladness like the gladness thou puttest into my heart.
Even as I lie down, sleep comes, and with sleep tranquillity;
what need, Lord, of aught but thyself to bring me confidence?