The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Tobias
Chapter 13
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It was thus, when he found utterance, that the elder Tobias sang praise to the Lord: Great is thy name, Lord, for ever; thy kingdom cannot fail.
Thine to scourge, thine to pity; thou dost bring men to the grave and back from the grave; from thy power there is no deliverance.
Sons of Israel, make his name known, publish it for all the Gentiles to hear;
if he has dispersed you among heathen folk who know nothing of him, it was so that you might tell them the story of his great deeds, convince them that he, and no other, is God all-powerful.
He it is that has scourged us for our sins; he it is that will deliver us in his mercy.
Look and see how he has dealt with us, and then give thanks to him, but with trembling awe in your hearts; let your own deeds acclaim him, king of all the ages.
I, at least, in this land of exile, will be the spokesman of his praise, tell the story of his dread dealings with a sinful race.
Come back, sinners, and do his will; doubt not that he will shew you mercy.
Here at least, while I live, is a soul that finds content in him.
Bless the Lord, souls whom the Lord has chosen; keep high festival in his honour.

Jerusalem, city of God, what divine punishments thy own ill deeds have brought on thee!
Yet thank the Lord for the blessings that are thine, praise him, the eternal God. So may he rebuild thy dwelling-place, recall thy exiles, give thee joy that shall last for ever.
Thou shalt yet shine with dazzling brightness, for all the ends of the world to worship thee.
From far away, nations shall come bringing their gifts, to worship the Lord within those walls of thine; shall reckon thy soil holy ground,
so great the name they shall invoke within thee.
Cursed shall they be that despise thee, condemned shall they be that blaspheme thee, blessed shall they be that build thee again.
What joy wilt thou have of thy children, a blessed race, gathered in the Lord’s fold anew!
A blessing on all that love thee, on all that welcome thy good news!
Give thanks, my soul, to the Lord, the Lord our God who has delivered Jerusalem, his own city, from all the afflictions she endured;
happy I count myself, if any posterity of mine is left to see Jerusalem in her splendour.
Sapphire and emerald Jerusalem’s gates shall be, of precious stones the wall that rings her round;
shining white and clean the pavement of her streets; no quarter of her but shall echo the Alleluia-chant of praise.
Blessed be the Lord, that has set her on the heights; may he reign there for ever, reign for ever as her king. Amen.