The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Tobias
Chapter 14
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Such was the song of Tobias. He lived forty-two years after recovering his sight, lived to see his great-grandchildren;
then, dying at the age of a hundred and two, he was buried with due honour in the town of Nineve.
He lost his sight at the age of fifty-six, recovered it at the age of sixty,
and lived out the rest of his life in great content, his course ever untroubled, his conscience ever more tender towards God.

On his death-bed, he called his seven grandsons to him, with their father Tobias, and spoke thus:
The Lord’s words must needs come true; it will not be long before Nineve is destroyed. After that, our exiled brethren will be able to return to the land of Israel;
the deserted country-side will be populous once again, and its temple, long since destroyed by fire, will be built anew, and all those who fear God will find their way back to it.
Then the Gentiles, too, will forsake their false gods; will betake themselves to Jerusalem, and find a home there;
all the kings of the earth will take pride in it, as they pay worship to the king who reigns in Israel.

This, then, my sons, is your father’s testament: Keep true to the Lord’s service, studying ever to carry out his will;
and hand on this charge to your children, that they should do what the law enjoins and give alms freely, that they should keep God ever in mind, offering him faithful praise at all times, and with all their strength.
And you, my sons, heed well this warning of mine; do not linger in this country, but leave it as soon as you have laid your mother to rest at my side, to share my grave;
there is guilt at Nineve, I see well, that must needs bring it to ruin.

So, when his mother died, Tobias, with his wife, sons and grandsons left Nineve. He betook himself to his wife’s parents instead,
and found them thriving still, well content in their old age. Tenderly he cared for them, and when they died it was he that closed their eyes in death. Then he became heir to all Raguel possessed, and himself lived to see a fresh generation yet, descendants of his own.
Ninety-nine years he lived in the fear of God, and with full hearts they buried him.
No kith or kin of his but persevered in uprightness and holy living; God’s favour they had and man’s alike, well loved by all their neighbours.