The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Tobias
Chapter 7
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To Raguel, then, they went, and right gladly he welcomed them;
he no sooner caught sight of Tobias than he said to his wife Anna, Here is a young man has the very look of my cousin Tobias!
Then he asked them, Whence come you, fellow-countrymen?
And, upon hearing that they were of Nephthali’s tribe, exiles dwelling at Nineve,
Do you know my cousin, Tobias? Yes, they said, we know him well.
With that, Raguel fell to singing his cousin’s praises, but the angel cut him short: Thou dost well to ask about Tobias; this is his son.
Thereupon Raguel threw his arms about him, and wept, and kissed him, and wept again; A blessing on thee, my son, cried he; ‘tis a good man, a good excellent man, thou hast for thy father!
And there stood his wife Anna, and their daughter Sara, in tears like himself.

When they had spent some time in talk, Raguel would have a ram killed, and a feast made. But it was in vain he urged them to fall to;
Neither eat nor drink will I in this house, Tobias said, until thou dost grant a request of mine. And my request is for the hand of thy daughter Sara in marriage.
Upon hearing this, Raguel was much taken aback; he had not forgotten what befell those other seven men that went near her bed; and the fear assailed him, What if this one fares no better? But while he hummed and hawed over his answer,
the angel said, Do not be afraid to give him thy daughter’s hand; for his pious care she was destined, that is why those other wooers could not gain their suit.
Why then, answered Raguel, all those prayers and sighs of mine were not wasted; God has granted them audience;
and I doubt not his design in bringing you here was to have my daughter matched with one of her own kin, as the law of Moses bade. Then he said to Tobias, Have no fear, she is thine.
And so, taking his daughter’s right hand and putting it into the right hand of Tobias, he gave them his blessing: May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob be with you and himself join you in one, and fulfil his merciful purpose in you.

So they took paper, and signed a contract of marriage;
then they sat down to their feasting, and gave thanks to God.
Meanwhile Raguel called Anna aside, and bade her have a fresh room in readiness.
Into this she brought her daughter Sara, weeping as she did so;
then she said, Do not lose heart, daughter; thou hast had sadness enough; may the Lord of heaven give thee gladness in exchange.