The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Zacharias
Chapter 3
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Another vision the Lord shewed me; here was an angel of his, and before this angel stood the high priest Josue, with the Accuser at his right hand bringing accusation against him.
But to the Accuser the divine answer came, The Lord rebuke thee, Satan; the Lord, that makes choice of Jerusalem, rebuke thee! What, is not this a brand saved from the embers?
Then, for he saw Josue standing there in his presence very vilely clad,
the angel gave it out to his attendants they should take away these vile rags from him; Guilt of thine, said he, I have set by; thou shalt have new garments to wear instead.
A clean mitre they should give him besides. And so, when the new mitre was on his head and the new garments were about him, the angel of the Lord rose up
and gave Josue his commission from the Lord of hosts:
My beckoning follow thou, my commands keep thou, people of mine thou shalt govern, house of mine shalt have in thy charge, and in their company, that here stand about thee, shalt come and go.
This for the hearing of the high priest Josue, and others his co-assessors, names of good omen all.

Time is I should bring hither my servant, that is the Dayspring.
Stone is here I will set before yonder Josue; a stone that bears seven eyes, device of my own carving, says the Lord of hosts. All the guilt of this land I will banish in a single day.
That shall be a day of good cheer, the Lord of hosts says, friend making glad with friend under vine and under fig-tree.