The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Zacharias
Chapter 5
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Once again I looked up, and there before me was a scroll, that had wings to fly with.
So when he asked, what saw I, A scroll, I said, that flies past, twenty cubits long and ten broad.
Here is ban, said he, that runs all the world over; thief is none, perjurer is none but shall be judged by the tenour of it.
It shall go out under my warrant, says the Lord of hosts, making its way into house of thief, house of perjurer that wrongs my name, and clinging close till it makes an end of all, wood-work and stone-work both.

Again the angel visited me, and bade me look well at the revelation that was sent me.
What is it? I asked. Bushel-measure is this, he told me; And it is nothing other, said he, than guilt of theirs, spread abroad over the whole earth.
Then he lifted up the cover, that was a talent’s weight of lead, and what should I see but a woman sitting there within?
Godlessness, he told me, is the name of her; and with that he thrust her back into the barrel, and fastened down the cover of lead.
And now, looking up, I saw two other women appearing, that had wings spread out to the wind, strong as a hawk’s wings; and these carried the barrel off, midway between heaven and earth.
When I would know whither they carried it, the angel told me,
To Sennaar, where it must have a shrine built for it; there it must be set up, and rest on a pedestal of its own.