The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Zacharias
Chapter 6
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Once more yet I looked up, and had a vision of four chariots, coming out of a pass between two mountains that were all of bronze.
Of the horses, the first pair were sorrel, the second black,
the third white, the fourth a sturdy pair of roans.
And when I asked of my angel monitor what these might be,
Here be four winds, he told me, going out on their errand; their place is in his presence, who is Master of the whole earth.
So out they went, chariot drawn by black horses turning northwards; the white followed these, and the roans turned southwards,
the sturdiest pair of all …

…Went out on their errand, fain to traverse the whole world through.
And a great cry came to me, See, where they reach the north country! All is well in the north country, my heart is content.

And a message from the Lord came to Zacharias:
From yonder emissaries of the exiled Jews, Holdai, Tobias and Idaias, toll thou must take; this very day bestir thee, and make thy way to the house of Josias, son of Sophonias, whither they have repaired, newly come from Babylon.
Gold and silver thou must take from them, and make crowns, to crown the high priest, Josue son of Josedec …
This message thou shalt give him from the Lord God of hosts: Here is one takes his name from the Dayspring; where his feet have trodden, spring there shall be. He it is shall rebuild the Lord’s temple;
builder of the Lord’s temple, to what honours he shall come! On princely throne he sits, throne of a priest beside him, and between these two, what harmony of counsel!
For Helem, Tobias, Idaias, and Hem the son of Sophonias, the crowns they gave shall win remembrance in the temple of the Lord.

Men shall come from far away, to work at the temple’s rebuilding; you shall not doubt, then, it was the Lord of hosts gave me my warrant. Will you but heed the voice of the Lord your God, this shall be your reward …