The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Tobias
Chapter 9
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And now Tobias took the angel aside and, though he still did not guess this was more than man, spoke as follows: Pray bear with this request of mine, friend Azarias.
No return could I make for all thy watchful care of me, though I should dedicate myself to be thy slave.
Instead of that, I am still asking thee for a favour; that thou wouldst journey on to Rages in Media, with what beasts, what retinue thou wilt, and seek out Gabelus there. Give him back his bond, recover the debt, and bid him to my wedding-feast.
Thou canst guess how my father is counting the days till my return; no fresh day of my absence but brings with it a fresh sorrow;
yet thou seest how earnestly Raguel pleads with me to stay on, and that plea I cannot bring myself to refuse.

So Raphael took with him four of Raguel’s men, and two camels; went to Rages in Media and sought out Gabelus there; gave him the bond, and recovered the debt in full.
Then he recounted to him the younger Tobias’ history, and brought him back to take part in the wedding-feast.
Tobias, who was sitting at table when Gabelus entered the house, sprang up to welcome him; and when they had embraced, Gabelus wept, and praised God for their meeting.
The God of Israel bless thee, he cried, for the son of an excellent honest man, his true worshipper, and a great giver of alms!
May the name of this thy bride, the names of her parents and thine, be used for an example of blessedness!
May you live to see sons of yours, and sons of theirs again, and a fourth generation to succeed the third! May your posterity win a blessing from the God of Israel, that reigns everlastingly!
All said Amen to that, and so they fell to and feasted; yet was there no merry-making over this wedding but such as became God’s worshippers.