The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Exodus
Chapter 27
Make an altar, too, of acacia wood, with a surface five cubits square, and a height of three cubits.
It must have horns at the corners, all of a piece with it, and it must be plated with bronze.
Provide it with ash-pans, tongs, forks, and braziers, making all its appurtenances of bronze;
and make a bronze grating, of network, with bronze rings at its four corners,
sunk in the hearth of the altar; this grating must reach to half the altar’s height.
Then make two poles of acacia wood, plated with bronze,
which can be put through the rings on either side of the altar, so as to carry it.
The altar is not to be made solid, but to have a hollow space within, after the manner shewn thee on the mountain.

Make a court, too, round the tabernacle. At the south side of this, towards the mid-day sun, there will be hangings made of twisted linen thread, a hundred cubits long on this side,
and twenty posts, each with its socket made of bronze, its engraved capital of silver.
So, too, on the north side, hangings a hundred feet long, twenty posts with bronze sockets and engraved silver capitals.
On the short side, westwards, the line of hangings will be only fifty cubits long, and there will be only ten posts in ten sockets.
The side which looks eastward will also be fifty cubits in length;
of these, fifteen at one end will be protected by a line of hangings fifteen cubits long, with three posts and as many sockets,
and there will be fifteen cubits’ length of hangings, with three posts and as many sockets, at the other end too;
in between, at the gateway of the court, there will be hangings of twisted linen thread, embroidered with threads of blue and purple and scarlet twice-dyed, twenty cubits in length; these will have four posts, and as many sockets.
All the posts of the court must be plated with silver, and have capitals of silver, and sockets of bronze.
Thus the court will occupy a space a hundred cubits long and fifty wide, and the enclosure, of twisted linen thread with bronze sockets underneath, will be five cubits in height.

All the appurtenances the tabernacle needs for its various purposes and ceremonies, and all the pegs for making the enclosure and the tabernacle itself fast, must be made of bronze.

Bid the Israelites supply thee with olive oil, pure as when the pestle brayed it, so that there may be a lamp burning perpetually
in the tabernacle that bears record of me, before the veil that hides the place of record. Aaron and his sons are to set it out there, so that it may burn in the Lord’s presence till daybreak. This is a custom the Israelites are to observe in every generation.