The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Psalms
Psalm 15
(A miktam. Of David.)
Keep me safe, Lord; I put my trust in thee.
The Lord, whom I own as my God, confess that in him is all my good!
There are faithful souls in this land of his; wondrous delight he gives me in their companionship.
What do they do but lay up fresh store of sorrows, that betake themselves to alien gods? Not with these will I pour out the blood of sacrifice; I will not take forbidden names on my lips.
No, it is the Lord I claim for my prize, the Lord who fills my cup; thou, and no other, wilt assure my inheritance to me.
Portion is none were more to my liking; welcome the lot’s choice!

Blessed be the Lord, who schools me; late into the night my inmost thoughts chasten me.
Always I can keep the Lord within sight; always he is at my right hand, to make me stand firm.
Glad and merry am I, heart and soul of me; my body, too, shall rest in confidence
that thou wilt not leave my soul in the place of death, or allow thy faithful servant to see corruption.
Thou wilt shew me the way of life, make me full of gladness in thy presence; at thy right hand are delights that will endure for ever.