The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Psalms
Psalm 58
(To the choir-master. Melody: Do not destroy. Of David. A miktam. When Saul had his house watched, so as to put him to death.)
O God, deliver me from my enemies, rescue me from their assaults;
thwart their treacherous designs, disappoint their lust for blood.
See how they plot against my life, how strong is their confederacy!
Yet never, Lord, through any fault or offence of mine; unprovoked, they rush to the attack.
Bestir thyself, come to my side and witness my wrongs. Lord of hosts, God of Israel, awake; a world chastise, and shew the treacherous no mercy.
See how they come back at nightfall, like yelping dogs, to prowl about the city!
Tongues that boast, lips that rail, as if none could hear them;
and all the while thou, Lord, makest light of them, thou, in whose esteem all the nations are as nothing.
To thee I look, the God who strengthens me, the God who watches over me;
my God, and all my hope of mercy.

With that divine aid, may I triumph over my enemies.
Smite them down, my God, before they compass the overthrow of my people; let that power of thine overawe and crush them, my protector, my Master!
Down with the guilty tongues, the boastful lips; let their own pride ensnare them, their cursing and their lies.
Ruinous, ruinous be thy vengeance, overwhelming them; shew them that there is a God who rules over Jacob, rules over the utmost ends of the earth.
Back come they at nightfall, like yelping dogs, and prowl about the city;
far and wide they will roam in search of their prey, and snarl with rage when they go unfed at last.
And I, ere long, will be proclaiming thy greatness, will be triumphing in the mercy thou hast shewn me, thou, my stronghold and my refuge in my hour of peril.
To thee I will sing, the God who strengthens me, the God who watches over me, my God, and all my hope of mercy.