The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Psalms
Psalm 95
Sing the Lord a new song; in the Lord’s honour, let the whole earth make melody!
Sing to the Lord, and bless his name; never cease to bear record of his power to save.
Publish his glory among the heathen; his wonderful acts for all the world to hear.
How great is the Lord, how worthy of honour! What other god is to be feared as he?
They are but fancied gods the heathen call divine; the Lord, not they, made the heavens.
Honour and beauty are his escort; worship and magnificence the attendants of his shrine.

Tribes of the heathen, make your offering to the Lord, an offering to the Lord of glory and homage,
an offering of glory to the Lord’s name; bring sacrifice, come into his courts,
worship the Lord in holy array. Before the Lord’s presence let the whole earth bow in reverence;
tell the heathen, The Lord is king now, he has put the world in order, never to be thrown into confusion more; he gives the nations a just award.
Rejoice, heaven, and let earth be glad; let the sea, and all the sea contains, give thunderous applause.
The fields, and all the burden they bear, full of expectancy; no tree in the forest but will rejoice to greet its Lord’s coming.
He comes to rule the earth; brings the world justice, to every race of men its promised award.