The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Psalms
Psalm 97
(A psalm.)
Sing the Lord a new song, a song of wonder at his doings; how his own right hand, his own holy arm, brought him victory.
The Lord has given proof of his saving power, has vindicated his just dealings, for all the nations to see;
has remembered his gracious promise, and kept faith with the house of Israel; no corner of the world but has witnessed how our God can save.
In God’s honour let all the earth keep holiday; let all be mirth and rejoicing and festal melody!
Praise the Lord with the harp, with harp and psaltery’s music;
with trumpets of metal, and the music of the braying horn! Keep holiday in the presence of the Lord, our King;
the sea astir, and all that the sea holds, the world astir, and all that dwell on it;
the rivers echoing their applause, the hills, too, rejoicing to see the Lord come. He comes to judge the earth; brings the world justice, to every race of men its due award.