The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Isaias
Chapter 55
So many athirst; who will not come to the water? So many destitute; who will come and get him food, get wine and milk free, no price to be paid?
What, always spending, and no bread to eat, always toiling, and never a full belly? Do but listen, here you shall find content; here are dainties shall ravish your hearts.
To my summons give heed and hearing; so your spirits shall revive; a fresh covenant awaits you, this time eternal; gracious promise of mine to David shall be ratified now.

Before all the world my witness thou, a prince and a ruler among the nations!
Summons of thine shall go out to a nation thou never knewest; peoples that never heard of thee shall hasten to thy call; such the glory thy God, the Holy One of Israel, has bestowed on thee.

To the Lord betake you, while he may yet be found; cry out, while he is close at hand to hear.
Leave rebel his ill-doing, sinner his guilty thoughts, and come back to the Lord, sure of his mercy, our God, so rich in pardon.
Not mine, the Lord says, to think as you think, deal as you deal;
by the full height of heaven above earth, my dealings are higher than your dealings, my thoughts than your thoughts.
Once fallen from the sky, does rain or snow return to it? Nay, it refreshes earth, soaking into it and making it fruitful, to provide the sower with fresh seed, the hungry mouths with bread.
So it is with the word by these lips of mine once uttered; it will not come back, an empty echo, the way it went; all my will it carries out, speeds on its errand.
Doubt not, then, yours shall be a happy departure, a peaceful return; doubt not mountain and hill shall escort you with their praises, and the woods echo their applause.
Tall pine-trees then shall grow where valerian grew, and myrtles spring from yonder nettle-beds; great glory the Lord shall win, such a blazon as eternity cannot efface.