The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Jeremias
Chapter 37
In place of Jechonias, that was son to Joachim, Nabuchodonosor king of Babylon would have Sedecias, another of Josias’ sons, mount the throne of Juda;
but no heed would the new king give, nor his courtiers, nor his subjects, to the warnings uttered in the Lord’s name by the prophet Jeremias.
To him the king sent envoys, Juchal the son of Selemias and the priest Sophonias, son of Maasias, bidding him pray to the Lord their God for the common welfare.
Jeremias was still free to come and go as he pleased among his fellow-citizens; they had not yet imprisoned him.

At this time, Pharao’s army was on the march, advancing from the Egyptian frontier; and the Chaldaeans, this news reaching them, had raised the siege of Jerusalem.
So the Lord’s word came to the prophet Jeremias:
Take back this message from the Lord God of Israel to the king who sent you to consult me. Back home to Egypt it shall march, the army of Pharao that has come out in your support;
whereupon the Chaldaeans will return to the attack, will capture this city and burn it to the ground.
Never cheat yourselves with the hope that the enemy will march away and leave you alone; march away they will not, the Lord says.
Low though you should lay every Chaldaean that takes the field against you, save for some few wounded, those wounded men shall rise up from their tents, and burn this city to the ground notwithstanding.

And now, while Pharao still threatened, and the Chaldaeans had raised the siege,
Jeremias took occasion to leave Jerusalem and make his way to Benjamin, where he must divide up some property in the presence of his fellow-citizens.
When he reached the Benjamin gate, the officer whose turn it was to mount guard there, Jerias, the son of Selemias, the son of Hananias, put the prophet under arrest, under the charge of deserting to the Chaldaeans.
In vain did Jeremias protest, What, I desert to the Chaldaeans? There is no truth in it! Jerias led him away into the presence of the nobles;
and these, in a rage, first had him beaten, then confined him in the house of the secretary, Jonathan, who had charge of the prisoners at this time.
So came Jeremias to a dungeon cell, and long remained there.

It was king Sedecias who released him, sending for him and questioning him privately in the palace. Has the Lord any message for me? he asked. Yes, said Jeremias; that thou shalt be at the mercy of Nabuchodonosor.
Then he asked the king, What wrong have I done to thee, to thy courtiers or thy subjects, that thou hast thrown me into prison?
Tell me, how have they sped, those prophets of yours who foretold that the king of Babylon should never reach you, never invade this land of yours?
Listen to me, my lord king, I entreat thee, and look favourably on my suit. Do not send me back to the house of yonder secretary Jonathan, for there I needs must die!
So king Sedecias had him confined in the court without, and given a loaf of bread each day, with seasoning added, as long as bread there should be in the city. And there Jeremias was left, among the prisoners in the courtyard.