The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Baruch
Chapter 5
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Enough, Jerusalem; lay aside now the sad garb of thy humiliation, and put on bright robes, befitting the eternal glory God means for thee;
cloak of divine protection thrown about thee, thy temples bearing a diadem of renown.
In thee God will manifest the splendour of his presence, for the whole world to see;
and the name by which he will call thee for ever is, Loyalty rewarded, Piety crowned.
Up, Jerusalem, to the heights! Look to the sun’s rising, and see if thy sons be not coming to thee, gathered from east to west, joyfully acknowledging God’s holy will!
Afoot they were led off by the enemy; it is the Lord that shall lead them home, borne aloft like royal princes.
He will have the ground made level; high mountain must stoop, and immemorial hill, and the valleys be filled up, for Israel’s safe passage and God’s glory;
spinneys of every scented tree shall grow, by his divine command, to give Israel shade.
So merciful he is, and so faithful! In great content, their journey lit by the majesty of his presence, Israel shall come home.