The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Amos
Chapter 1
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Here tells Amos, one of the shepherd folk at Thecue, what visions he had con-cerning Israel. In Juda, Ozias was then reigning, in Israel, Jeroboam son of Joas, and it was two years before the earthquake.
Loud as roaring of lion, said he, the Lord will speak in thunder from his citadel at Jerusalem; forlorn they lie, yonder pastures the shepherds loved once, the heights of Carmel all shrivelled away.

A message from the Lord: Thrice forfeit Damascus, and forfeit once again,that rode rough-shod over the men of Galaad;
fall fire on Azael’s court, to burn down all the strongholds of Benadad!
Broken Damascus gate shall be, nor any be left to dwell in Aven’s plain, or rule over Eden valley; far off, at Cir, the Syrian folk shall go into banishment, the Lord says.

This, too: Thrice forfeit Gaza, and forfeit once again, that secured for the men of Edom their full toll of captives;
fall fire on Gaza’s walls, to burn down all its strongholds!
None shall dwell in Azotus, none rule over Ascalon; upon Accaron, too, my stroke shall fall; every trace of Philistia vanished and gone, the Lord God says.

This too: Thrice forfeit Tyre, and forfeit once again, that gave Edom its full toll of captives, as though bond there were none between brethren;
fall fire on its walls, to burn down its strongholds!

This too: Thrice forfeit Edom, and forfeit once again, that would hunt down his own brother at the sword’s point; unnatural cruelty, so to hug his enmity, nor ever let rancour die down;
fire fall on Theman, to burn down the strongholds of Bosra!

This, too: Thrice forfeit Ammon, and forfeit once again, that so coveted Galaad’s lands, every mother’s womb he would rip open;
fire fall on Rabba’s walls, to burn down its strongholds! Hark to the bray of battle, blustering of the storm-wind!
Into exile Melchom shall go, with all his retinue.