The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Prophecy of Michaeas
Chapter 2
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Out upon you, that lie awake over dreams of mischief, schemes of ill, and are up at dawn of day to execute them, soon as your godless hands find opportunity!
Covet they house or lands, house or lands by robbery become theirs; ever their oppression comes between a man and his home, a man and his inheritance.
And I, too, the Lord says, am devising mischief, mischief against the whole clan of you; never think to shake it off from your necks and walk proudly as of old; ill days are coming.
A by-word then they shall make of you, dirge and dole of music raise over you: Stripped, stripped bare! My country’s bounds removed! Come he but once again, that so parcels out our lands, all is lost to me!
Trust me, when lands are allotted among the Lord’s people, never shall one of yonder clan have rope to throw.

Prophets, leave your prophesying; word of prophecy is never for such as these, never may shame overtake them.
What, cry they of Jacob, is the Lord so easily offended? Are his designs indeed so unfavourable? Nay, certain it is, if a man will follow the straight path, award of mine shall prosper him;
but what of you? Has not this people of mine long counted you enemies, rising up to arraign you? Robbers, that will have cloak and coat both; what marvel if simple folk are up in arms against you?
My people! And you would dispossess its women of the homes they loved, take away from its children … my glory for ever.
Do you, in your turn, rise up and go your ways; no resting-place shall you have here; corruption most foul the guilt of this land shall breed in it.

Alas, that I should be one beckoned by the spirit, and not rather some forger of lies! Wine and revel to inspire him, he might prophesy, and a people such as this take him for an oracle:
Trust me, Jacob, I mean to assemble thee in full strength, rally all that is left of Israel in one place, thronging like sheep in fold, like herd in byre, hum of voices echoing all around;
where the breach has been made ready for them, break they out and pass on their way, sally forth with a king to lead them, with the Lord at their head!