The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Josue
Chapter 16
The territory which was allotted to the descendants of Joseph reached up to Jericho and the waters of Jordan by Jericho on the east, taking in the waste land that climbs up from Jericho to the hill-country of Bethel.
From Bethel it went to Luza, and past the confines of Archi to Ataroth;
then it sloped down westwards along the borders of Jephleti to the neighbourhood of Lower Bethoron and Gazer, and came out at last to the sea.
It was divided between the two tribes that sprang from Joseph, those of Manasses and Ephraim.
The clans of Ephraim had a frontier which went along from the east as far as Ataroth-Addar and Upper Bethoron;
thence it extended to the sea; its northern point was Machmethath, and thence the boundary was drawn eastwards as far as Thanathselo. Then it passed to the east of Janoe,
and came down from Janoe to Ataroth and Naaratha, and so down towards Jericho, where it reached the Jordan again.
From Taphua it jutted out westwards as far as the Valley of Reeds, and so reached the sea. Such were the possessions of the Ephraimite clans,
whose cities and townships were a separate enclosure in the middle of the territory which belonged to Manasses.
The tribe of Ephraim did not exterminate the Chanaanites who lived at Gazer, so that there are Chanaanites living to this day within the confines of Ephraim, but as tributaries.