The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Ruth
Chapter 3
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Now that she had come back home, her mother-in-law said to her, Daughter, I mean to win thee an easy life, and bring thee happiness.
This Booz, whose maidens were thy companions in harvest-time, Booz, our kinsman, will be at the threshing-floor to-night, winnowing his barley.
Wash thee, and anoint thee, and put on thy best array, and so go down to the threshing-floor. He will not have finished eating and drinking; do not let him see thee,
but wait till he goes to bed, and mark where it is that he is sleeping. Then come close, and turn back the end of his mantle where it covers his feet, and lie down there. After that, it is for him to counsel thee.

So Ruth promised to do all her bidding;
down to the threshing-floor she went, and carried out all her mother-in-law’s plan.
She waited till Booz came, his heart cheered with food and drink, to take his rest by a pile of sheaves that lay there; then she crept near, turned back the end of his mantle, and lay down.
At midnight, Booz was startled from his sleep, and looked about him in bewilderment to find a woman lying there at his feet.
Who art thou? he asked. It is Ruth, she said, Ruth, thy handmaid, that bids thee cast thy mantle over her, as one that is near of kin.
The Lord bless thee, daughter, he answered; now, more than ever, thou hast shewn the goodness of thy heart; to have no eyes for younger men, rich or poor!
Be comforted, thou shalt have all thou wilt of me; all the city knows thee for a bride worth the winning.
True enough, we are near of kin, but thou hast another kinsman nearer yet.
Wait till night is past; at day-break, if he will claim thee by right of kinship, well and good; if not, as the Lord is a living God, thou shalt be mine without more ado. Sleep, then, till day comes.

So there, at his feet, she slept till the night passed; and he rose while it was still too early for men to recognize one another. He warned her not to let anyone know that she had been there;
then he said, Spread out the fold of that mantle thou wearest, and hold it with either hand. So she held it spread out, and he measured out two bushels of barley for her to carry. When she reached the city with her load,
she found Noemi eager to know how she had fared; and she told the story of how Booz had treated her.
Look, she said, he has given me two bushels of barley; he protested that he must not send me home to my mother-in-law empty-handed.
Wait, then, daughter, said Noemi, till we see what will come of it. Here is a man that will not rest till he has made good his promise.