The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The First Book of Kings
Chapter 27
The time must come, David thought to himself, when I shall fall into Saul’s hands; were it not better to escape, and take refuge in the country of the Philistines? Then Saul will give up the hope of hunting me down within the borders of Israel, and I shall be safe from his power.
So David removed, and betook himself, with six hundred men at his heels, to Achis, son of Maoch, that was king of Geth;
there, in Geth, with Achis, he and his men settled down, each with his own household; David with his two wives, Achinoam from Jezrahel, and Abigail that had been wife to Nabal at Carmel.
As for Saul, when he heard that David had taken refuge at Geth, he gave up the pursuit.

And now David said to Achis, Do me this favour; make me a grant of land in one of the townships here. No need that I, thy servant, should make my dwelling with thee in thy capital city.
Whereupon Achis granted him Siceleg, and it has belonged to the kings of Juda from that day to this.
David’s stay among the Philistines lasted for four months;
he would lead his men out, and drive off plunder from Gessuri and Gersi and from the Amalecites; these were settlements belonging to the old inhabitants of the land, which reached as far as Sur, on the borders of Egypt.
Wherever he went, he ravaged the country-side, leaving neither man nor woman alive; then he would carry off sheep and ox and ass and camel and garments as his spoil, and so return to Achis.
Did Achis ask where he had made his foray that day, he would answer, On the south of Juda, or of Jerameel, or of Ceni.
Neither man nor woman must be taken alive and brought to Geth, for fear they should betray him and his. So David did, of set purpose, all the time he lived in the Philistine country;
and Achis believed what he said, and thought to himself, This man has brought great hurt on his own people of Israel; now he is bound to my service in perpetuity.