The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ According to Matthew
Chapter 17
Six days afterwards Jesus took Peter and James and his brother John with him, and led them up on to a high mountain where they were alone.
And he was transfigured in their presence, his face shining like the sun, and his garments becoming white as snow;
and all at once they had sight of Moses and Elias conversing with him.
Then Peter said aloud to Jesus, Lord, it is well that we should be here; if it pleases thee, let us make three arbours in this place, one for thee, one for Moses and one for Elias.
Even before he had finished speaking, a shining cloud overshadowed them. And now, there was a voice which said to them out of the cloud, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; to him, then, listen.
The disciples, when they heard it, fell on their faces, overcome with fear;
but Jesus came near and roused them with his touch; Arise, he said, do not be afraid.
And they lifted up their eyes, and saw no man there but Jesus only.

And as they were coming down from the mountain, Jesus warned them, Do not tell anybody of what you have seen, until the Son of Man has risen from the dead.
And his disciples asked him, Tell us, why is it that the scribes say Elias must come before Christ?
He answered, Elias must needs come and restore all things as they were;
but I tell you this, that Elias has come already, and they did not recognize him, but misused him at their pleasure, just as the Son of Man is to suffer at their hands.
Then the disciples understood that he had been speaking to them of John the Baptist.

When they reached the multitude, a man came up and knelt before him: Lord, he said, have pity on my son, who is a lunatic, and in great affliction; he will often throw himself into the fire, and often into water.
I brought him here to thy disciples, but they have not been able to cure him.
Jesus answered, Ah, faithless and misguided generation, how long must I be with you, how long must I bear with you? Bring him here before me.
And Jesus checked him with a word, and the devil came out of him; and from that hour the boy was cured.
Afterwards, when they were alone, the disciples came to Jesus and asked, Why was it that we could not cast it out?
Jesus said to them, Because you had no faith. I promise you, if you have faith, though it be but like a grain of mustard seed, you have only to say to this mountain, Remove from this place to that, and it will remove; nothing will be impossible to you.
But there is no way of casting out such spirits as this except by prayer and fasting.

While they were still together in Galilee, Jesus told them, The Son of Man is to be given up into the hands of men.
They will put him to death, and he will rise again on the third day. And they were overcome with sorrow.

And when they reached Capharnaum, the collectors of the Temple pence approached Peter, and asked, Does not your master pay the Temple pence?
Yes, he said. Soon afterwards he came into the house, and Jesus forestalled him; Simon, he said, tell us what thou thinkest; on whom do earthly kings impose customs and taxes, on their own sons, or on strangers?
On strangers, Peter told him; and Jesus said to him, Why then, the children go free.
But we will not hurt their consciences; go down to the sea, and cast thy hook; take out the first fish thou drawest up, and when thou hast opened its mouth thou wilt find a silver coin there; with this make payment to them for me and for thyself.