The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ According to John
Chapter 13
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Before the paschal feast began, Jesus already knew that the time had come for his passage from this world to the Father. He still loved those who were his own, whom he was leaving in the world, and he would give them the uttermost proof of his love.
Supper was over, and the devil had already put it into the heart of Judas, son of Simon, the Iscariot, to betray him.
Jesus knew well that the Father had left everything in his hands; knew it was from God that he came, and to God that he went.
And now, rising from supper, he laid his garments aside, took a towel, and put it about him;
and then he poured water into the basin, and began to wash the feet of his disciples, wiping them with the towel that girded him.
So, when he came to Simon Peter, Peter asked him, Lord, is it for thee to wash my feet?
Jesus answered him, It is not for thee to know, now, what I am doing; but thou wilt understand it afterwards.
Peter said to him, I will never let thee wash my feet; and Jesus answered him, If I do not wash thee, it means thou hast no companionship with me.
Then, Lord, said Peter, wash my hands and my head too, not only my feet.
But Jesus told him, A man who has bathed does not need to do more than wash the stains from his feet; he is clean all over. And you are clean now; only, not all of you.
He knew who his betrayer was; that is why he said, You are not all clean.

Then, when he had finished washing their feet and put on his garments, he sat down again, and said to them, Do you understand what it is I have done to you?
You hail me as the Master, and the Lord; and you are right, it is what I am.
Why then, if I have washed your feet, I who am the Master and the Lord, you in your turn ought to wash each other’s feet;
I have been setting you an example, which will teach you in your turn to do what I have done for you.
Believe me, no slave can be greater than his master, no apostle greater than he by whom he was sent.
Now that you know this, blessed are you if you perform it.
I am not thinking of all of you when I say this, I know who are the men I have chosen; well, it remains for the passage in scripture to be fulfilled, The man who shared my bread has lifted his heel to trip me up.
I am telling you this now, before it happens, so that when it happens you may believe it was written of me.

Believe me when I tell you this; the man who welcomes one whom I send, welcomes me; and the man who welcomes me, welcomes him who sent me.

After saying so much, Jesus bore witness to the distress he felt in his heart; Believe me, he said, believe me, one of you is to betray me.
And the disciples looked at one another, at a loss to know which of them he meant.
Jesus had one disciple, whom he loved, who was now sitting with his head against Jesus’ breast;
to him, therefore, Simon Peter made a sign, and asked him, Who is it he means?
And he, leaning his head back upon Jesus’ breast, asked him, Lord, who is it?
Jesus answered, It is the man to whom I give this piece of bread which I am dipping in the dish. Then he dipped the bread, and gave it to Judas the son of Simon, the Iscariot.
The morsel once given, Satan entered into him; and Jesus said to him, Be quick on thy errand.
None of those who sat there could understand the drift of what he said;
some of them thought, since Judas kept the common purse, that Jesus was saying to him, Go and buy what we need for the feast, or bidding him give some alms to the poor.
He, as soon as he received the morsel, had gone out; and now it was night.

When he had gone out, Jesus said, Now the Son of Man has achieved his glory, and in his glory God is exalted.
Since, in his glory, God is exalted, it is for God to exalt him in his own glory, and exalt him without delay.
It is only for a short time that I am with you, my children. You will look for me, and now I have to tell you what I once told the Jews, you cannot reach the place where I am.
I have a new commandment to give you, that you are to love one another; that your love for one another is to be like the love I have borne you.
The mark by which all men will know you for my disciples will be the love you bear one another.
Simon Peter said to him, Lord, where art thou going? Jesus answered him, I am going where thou canst not follow me now, but shalt follow me afterwards.
Lord, Peter said to him, why cannot I follow thee now? I am ready to lay down my life for thy sake.
Thou art ready, answered Jesus, to lay down thy life for my sake? Believe me, by cock-crow thou wilt thrice disown me.