The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ According to John
Chapter 17
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Thus Jesus spoke to them, and then, lifting up his eyes to heaven, he said, Father, the time has come; give glory now to thy Son, that thy Son may give the glory to thee.
Thou hast put him in authority over all mankind, to bring eternal life to all those thou hast entrusted to him.
Eternal life is knowing thee, who art the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.
I have exalted thy glory on earth, by achieving the task which thou gavest me to do;
now, Father, do thou exalt me at thy own side, in that glory which I had with thee before the world began.
I have made thy name known to the men whom thou hast entrusted to me, chosen out of the world. They belonged to thee, and have become mine through thy gift, and they have kept true to thy word.
Now they have learned to recognize all the gifts thou gavest me as coming from thee;
I have given them the message which thou gavest to me, and they, receiving it, recognized it for truth that I came from thee, and found faith to believe that it was thou who didst send me.
It is for these I pray; I am not praying for the world, but for those whom thou hast entrusted to me; they belong to thee;
as all I have is thine, and all thou hast is mine; and in them my glory is achieved.

I am remaining in the world no longer, but they remain in the world, while I am on my way to thee. Holy Father, keep them true to thy name, thy gift to me, that they may be one, as we are one.
As long as I was with them, it was for me to keep them true to thy name, thy gift to me; and I have watched over them, so that only one has been lost, he whom perdition claims for its own, in fulfilment of the scripture.
But now I am coming to thee; and while I am still in the world I am telling them this, so that my joy may be theirs, and reach its full measure in them.
I have given them thy message, and the world has nothing but hatred for them, because they do not belong to the world, as I, too, do not belong to the world.
I am not asking that thou shouldst take them out of the world, but that thou shouldst keep them clear of what is evil.
They do not belong to the world, as I, too, do not belong to the world;
keep them holy, then, through the truth; it is thy word that is truth.
Thou hast sent me into the world on thy errand, and I have sent them into the world on my errand;
and I dedicate myself for their sakes, that they too may be dedicated through the truth.

It is not only for them that I pray; I pray for those who are to find faith in me through their word;
that they may all be one; that they too may be one in us, as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee; so that the world may come to believe that it is thou who hast sent me.
And I have given them the privilege which thou gavest to me, that they should all be one, as we are one;
that while thou art in me, I may be in them, and so they may be perfectly made one. So let the world know that it is thou who hast sent me, and that thou hast bestowed thy love upon them, as thou hast bestowed it upon me.
This, Father, is my desire, that all those whom thou hast entrusted to me may be with me where I am, so as to see my glory, thy gift made to me, in that love which thou didst bestow upon me before the foundation of the world.
Father, thou art just; the world has never acknowledged thee, but I have acknowledged thee, and these men have acknowledged that thou didst send me.
I have revealed, and will reveal, thy name to them; so that the love thou hast bestowed upon me may dwell in them, and I, too, may dwell in them.