The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Genesis
Chapter 7
And now the Lord said to him, Take refuge in the Ark, with all thy household; looking upon this generation of thine, I find thee only guiltless.
Take seven pairs of all the clean animals with thee, male and female,
and two pairs of all the animals that are unclean, and of all the birds that fly in the air, seven pairs; no breed must vanish from the earth.
In seven days from this, I mean to send down rain on the earth for forty days and forty nights, and blot out this whole world of living things, my own creatures, from the face of the earth.
All this Noe did, at God’s bidding;
he was six hundred years old when the waters of the flood covered the earth.
Noe and his sons and his wife and his sons’ wives with him took refuge in the Ark from the waters of the flood;
of all the beasts, clean and unclean, of all the birds, and all the creeping things of earth,
pairs took refuge with Noe in the Ark, male and female, as God had commanded him.

Seven days passed, and then the waters of the flood covered the earth.
It was the seventeenth day of the second month of Noe’s six hundredth year, when all the springs of the great depth beneath broke through, and the flood-gates of heaven were opened;
and it rained for forty days and forty nights on the earth.
That very day, Noe and his sons, Sem, Cham and Japheth, his wife, and the three wives of his sons, took refuge in the Ark;
and with them all the different kinds of wild beasts, of cattle, of the creeping things of earth, and of things that fly, birds and winged creatures;
there was refuge with Noe in the Ark for pairs of all mortal things that live and breathe.
Into the Ark they went, males and females, as God had commanded; and the Lord shut him in.
For forty days that flood came down on the earth, and the water grew deep, till it lifted the Ark up from the ground;
full the tide flowed, covering the whole face of the earth, but still the Ark rode safe on the waters.
Higher and higher the waters rose above the ground, till all the high mountains under heaven disappeared;
the flood stood fifteen cubits higher than the mountains it covered.
All mortal things that moved on earth were drowned, birds and cattle and wild beasts, and all the creeping things of earth, and all mankind;
all that lived and moved on the earth perished together.
God wiped out the whole world of earthly creatures, man and beast, creeping things and all that flies through the air, so that they vanished from the earth; only Noe and his companions in the Ark were left.
And the waters held their own over the land for a hundred and fifty days.