The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Genesis
Chapter 2
Thus heaven and earth and all the furniture of them were completed.
By the seventh day, God had come to an end of making, and rested, on the seventh day, with his whole task accomplished.
That is why God gave the seventh day his blessing, and hallowed it, because it was the day on which his divine activity of creation finished.

Such origin heaven and earth had in the day of their fashioning. When heaven and earth God made,
no woodland shrub had yet grown, no plant had yet sprung up; the Lord God had not yet sent rain upon the ground, that still had no human toil to cultivate it;
there was only spring-water which came up from the earth, and watered its whole surface.
And now, from the clay of the ground, the Lord God formed man, breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and made of man a living person.
God had planted a garden of delight, in which he now placed the man he had formed.
Here, at the bidding of the Lord God, the soil produced all such trees as charm the eye and satisfy the taste; and here, in the middle of the garden, grew the tree of life, and the tree which brings knowledge of good and evil.
The garden was watered by a river; it came out from Eden, and went on to divide into four branches.
One is called Phison; it is the river which surrounds all the country of Hevilath, a gold-producing country;
no gold is better; bdellium is found there too, and the onyx-stone.
The second river is called Gehon, and is the river which surrounds the whole country of Ethiopia.
The third river, which flows past the Assyrians, is called Tigris, and the fourth is the river Euphrates.
So the Lord God took the man and put him in his garden of delight, to cultivate and tend it.
And this was the command which the Lord God gave the man, Thou mayest eat thy fill of all the trees in the garden
except the tree which brings knowledge of good and evil; if ever thou eatest of this, thy doom is death.

But the Lord God said, It is not well that man should be without companionship; I will give him a mate of his own kind.
And now, from the clay of the ground, all the beasts that roam the earth and all that flies through the air were ready fashioned, and the Lord God brought them to Adam, to see what he would call them; the name Adam gave to each living creature is its name still.
Thus Adam gave names to all the cattle, and all that flies in the air, and all the wild beasts; and still Adam had no mate of his own kind.
So the Lord God made Adam fall into a deep sleep, and, while he slept, took away one of his ribs, and filled its place with flesh.
This rib, which he had taken out of Adam, the Lord God formed into a woman; and when he brought her to Adam,
Adam said, Here, at last, is bone that comes from mine, flesh that comes from mine; it shall be called Woman, this thing that was taken out of Man.
That is why a man is destined to leave father and mother, and cling to his wife instead, so that the two become one flesh.
Both went naked, Adam and his wife, and thought it no shame.