The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Psalms
Psalm 86
(Of the sons of Core. A psalm. A song.)
His own building amidst the inviolate hills,
dearer to the Lord are Sion walls than any other home in Israel.
How high a boast, city of God, is made for thee,
Mine it is to reckon the folk of Egypt, of Babylon, too, among my citizens! Philistines, Tyrians, Ethiopians, all must claim Sion as their birthplace;
None was ever born, the proverb shall run, that did not take his birth from her; it was the most High, none other, that founded her.
This was their birthplace, the Lord shall write over the muster-roll of the nations;
nor any but shall tell her praises with song and dance, each claiming from her its only origin.