The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The First Epistle of the Blessed Apostle Peter
Chapter 5
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And now I have a charge to give to the presbyters in your company; I, who am a presbyter like themselves, I, who bear witness of Christ’s sufferings, I, who have my part in that glory which will one day be revealed.
Be shepherds to the flock God has given you. Carry out your charge as God would have it done, cordially, not like drudges, generously, not in the hope of sordid gain;
not tyrannizing, each in his own sphere, but setting an example, as best you may, to the flock.
So, when the Prince of shepherds makes himself known, your prize will be that crown of glory which cannot fade.
And you, who are young, must defer to these, your seniors. Deference to one another is the livery you must all wear; God thwarts the proud, and keeps his grace for the humble.

Bow down, then, before the strong hand of God; he will raise you up, when his time comes to deliver you.
Throw back on him the burden of all your anxiety; he is concerned for you.
Be sober, and watch well; the devil, who is your enemy, goes about roaring like a lion, to find his prey,
but you, grounded in the faith, must face him boldly; you know well enough that the brotherhood you belong to pays, all the world over, the same tribute of suffering.
And God, the giver of all grace, who has called us to enjoy, after a little suffering, his eternal glory in Christ Jesus, will himself give you mastery, and steadiness, and strength.
To him be glory and power through endless ages, Amen.

I count on Silvanus as a faithful brother; and through him I have written you these brief lines of encouragement; to assure you that the grace in which you are so firmly established is the true grace of God.
The church here in Babylon, united with you by God’s election, sends you her greeting; so does my son, Mark.
Greet one another with the kiss of fellowship. Grace be to all of you, friends in Christ Jesus. Amen.