The Holy Bible – Knox Translation
The Book of Ecclesiastes
Chapter 11
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Here, on the stream’s bosom, venture thy livelihood; wait long thou mayst, but be sure thou shalt recover it at last.
Seven claims thou hast satisfied, do not refuse the eighth. Not thine to foresee what general calamities the future holds in store;
there the rain comes, where the clouds gather; north or south as the tree falls, north or south the trunk will lie.
Still waiting for a wind? Never shall thy seed be sown. Still watching the clouds? Never shall thy harvest be carried.
Breath that comes and goes, the fashioning of man’s frame in the womb, of all this thou knowest nothing; and thinkest thou to understand God’s doings, that is Maker of all?
Early abroad, to sow thy seed, and let evening find thee still at work; which sowing shall speed better, none knows, or whether both shall thrive to thy profit.

Ay, it is good to look upon, the light of day; never was eye yet but loved to see the sun.
Only be thy years never so many, never so happy, do not forget the dark days that are coming, the long days, when frustration will be the end of it all.
While thou art young, take thy fill of manhood’s pride, let thy heart beat high with youth, follow where thought leads and inclination beckons, but remember that for all this God will call thee to account.
Rid thy heart, then, of resentment, thy nature of ill humours; youth and pleasures, they are so quickly gone!